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Looking for repair in Manchester, NH - any suggestions?


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Hi! I'm new to the world of vending machines. I own a laundromat, and I bought a used Dixie Narco 5591 to vend soaps. I was trying to turn off the compressor since I don't need it running/cooling. I unplugged the 9 pin plug and everything powered off, I forgot to unplug it before I plugged that back in and there was a spark when I plugged it in. Now the machine seems to power on/fan turns on but the display doesn't turn on. I think it's the transformer or the AC distribution box but I'm not sure. I checked the fuses - they look fine. I checked the voltage on the 9 pin plug and it's low which is why I think it's the transformer. Is there anything I can check before I start buying parts? Does anyone live in the Manchester, NH area or know of anyone who does repairs in the area? Thank you so much! 

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I think the 5591 had a fuse at the power input on the board but it's been a while and I've slept since then. 

Unless there's a fuse built into the transformer to pop, they're usually more robust than that.   You can check the transformer a couple of ways using a multimeter. 

Powered down- Check for continuity across the primary pins and the then the secondary pins.  These are coils and should have very little resistance.  Then check to ensure each coil is isolated from one another and the case.  The should measure as completely open. 

Powered up - Check for 115 VAC at the Primary and, if memory serves on that unit, 24-27 VAC on the secondary.  If that's all in place, you can move on from the transformer and start to check the board.  


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First of all, unless your soap is in bottles, you bought the wrong machine for selling soap.  You need a snack machine for that.  Keep in mind that when you tire of whatever machine you are selling soap from the machine will forever reek of soap and the machine will be useless for vending.  There are three fuses on the AC distribution box.  One of them is blown.  The 9 pin plug was on the bill acceptor, right?  Then you're looking at the 32v fuse. To remove power from cooling unit, if you haven't used your common sense yet and figured it out, is to pull the normal power cord plug in the front of the AC box.  

Here is your manual: 

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