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New Vender, Part time - FSI 3061 mini

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Hello everyone and thank you for allowing me into this forum.  I am a new vender and recently landed a new laundromat location that is a block from my house.  The negative part is that they only have space for this machine FSI 3061 mini the old out of service one is in the photo (it is recessed into the wall) and i found a used replacement machine for 300.  Is it possible to add a credit card reader to this machine? 
i attached the instruction manual here


And a photo of the machine I am replacing.

since it is literally down the street from my house, and as a regular customer here, I am willing to put more effort into making this site work!  




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Well, you can already see what will happen to your machine if you put it in there.  And no, that machine can't handle a card reader, but in a laundromat with tons of coins flying around, you don't need a card reader.  DOH!

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Plus look for the stacker version instead of the serpentine.  That way you can sell bottles and cans instead of just cans.  Some of the later cb300's are GVC1 and credit card 'capable'.  But like AZ said, look at how nice that machine got treated.  Heck, someone even tried to break in it looks like.  To steal what-  $30.00 max?

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