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Help with a Mars TRC-6800H coin mech on my Drink vending machine


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Hi chat, Today I come here with an interesting problem!

# Problem: My 6800H is not reading the bill acceptor plugged into it (Mars Series 2k)

I work with pinball machines and other old 90s tech all the time, so I troubleshot EVERYTHING I could think of (without breaking anything more)
- Tested all of my cables leading into the acceptor and coin mech
 - Bill > Adapter
 - Adapter > Coin Mech
 - Coin Mech > power
 - Etc.
- Properly filled with correct coins
- Switched Dip Switch 4 to off for the bill acceptor (attached to the 18pin 5v line)
- Reseated every connector

I'm kinda lost here and this is my first vending machine (Cavalier C8-564) so I may as well ask others about this issue before contacting Wachtor to get a replacement or my hardware fixed. (I do NOT want to spend an arm and a leg if I don't have to.)

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First of all, you need a VN2500 series, not a 2400 that you might have from an amusement machines.  Second, you need to try the high and low level pulse settings on the validator switches.  You also have made a poor choice in your first machine as it's not been in production for at least 30 years and you'll never find parts for it.

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What do you mean by the coin mech not reading the DBV? As AZ said, you need a vending DBV (Mae’s models started with VN) not amusements.(Model started with AE).

VN DBVs are set up to wait for the coin mech to “enable” the DBV when the coin tubes are satisfied. One way to check if this is happening is to drop a $ coin through and see if it’s accepted. If so, you know you tube sensors are fine. Beyond that, if the proper DBV will not enable, start checking harnessing, settings in the DBV and then start troubleshooting the dbv itself.  Disabled VN DBVs will give a 2 flashes on the rear of the lower track for “disabled by vendor” meaning it’s waiting for the coin mech to give the ok to accept bills.

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Thank y'all for the helpful advice, I didn't know this machine was gonna be this fun to work on.

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I'm stupid and didn't realize that at least ONE soda had to be in the machine for the mech to register the Bill Acceptor, turns out it worked just fine.

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