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Potential Side Hustle


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I joined this Forum in hopes to find out more information about the vending business. I've read many posts and have come to understand that this is not as easy Youtuber influencers make it sound. A lot of time and effort goes into running a vending business. So rather than trying to jump directly into the business and buying a vending unit. I was wondering if it would be viable to service others machines. Such as cleaning the exterior, the condenser, glass and whatever else is asked of. If a service like this was offered to you at a price you were willing to pay you would you consider?

Just trying to spitball ideas to make a bit of side money and gather some basic hands-on knowledge about the business. 

Any suggestions, questions, or opinions are welcome and appreciated. 

Thank you 

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No.  There are professional refurbishers out there but vendors do this themselves.  Anyone who doesn't is just a bad vendor and there are quite a few of them out there and no vendor is looking to spend money that THEY don't want to spend.  Vending companies don't need anyone trying to wash their windshields at a stop light.  Find something else to do.  Sell quilts on etsy?

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There is some demand for good vending techs but you actually need to know what you are doing. This means actual diagnostics, refrigeration work, etc not just cleaning or firing the parts cannon.

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