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Slightly used 1800 Vending Triple [RAFFLE]


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A very generous member who wishes to remain anonymous has donated a slightly used 1800 Vending triple head machine to VENDiscuss for a raffle.

We are going to offer a chance to win this great prize for only $1.00! To enter, simply make a donation, of any amount, using the "Make a Donation" button in the left column of the site. For every $1 you donate, you'll get 1 entry into this raffle.

As a bonus, for every $10 you donate to win this raffle, you'll also get 1 entry into the DOOZY for the end of the year! So a $10 donation will give you 10 entries into the 1800 raffle and 1 entry into the DOOZY!

This 1800 triple was described to me as in "like new" condition and a picture of the actual machine is attached below. Winner will NOT be responsible for shipping charges so please consider this when you make your donation.

Entries will be accepted until midnight, July 16th 2010 with the drawing being held on July 17th 2010.

Good luck!


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mizugori just entered with 10 entries! That also gives him 1 for the DOOZY! Come on guys, don't let mizugori walk away with this 1800 triple for only $10!  :o

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Dont tell me mizugori is going to take this triple machine by default! Come on guys, it's only a buck for a shot at this machine. It's shipped at no cost to you!

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actually according to the donation list on the left of the site, it looks to me like will.vend donated 60 shortly after i donated. so that makes 60 entries vs my 10. right?

mizz on another thread I said I would donate all my pennies, nickels and dimes for the month of june to increase and hopefully stimulate peoples donations to the forum, because of that promise I ask steve not to enter me in the 1800 contest. While the 1800 is an excellent machine it doesnt fit my business model. so it looks like your the only one that has entered the contest.

I dont know how to attach that thread to this reply but it's listed as "vendiscuss donations" maybe someone can tell me how to do that?

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