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Items to sell in bars


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Boston Baked Beans, they are my number one seller.

I've been working on my new job for about 2 1/2 months now. There's a triple in the break room with m&m plain/boston baked beans/m&m peanuts.  The thing empties out of beans every two weeks with the other two doing at least half as good.  I called the owner and offered to buy the route.

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I just put a vendstar in a bar that has another vendstar on the other side. Soon as I dropped it off the bar tender said woo hoo fresh candy. The other stuff is always stale. So I looked and he had p-nut m&m's nuts and jelly beans. So I put p-nut m&m's skittles and runts till my gum comes in. So when I check on it in a few weeks I will replace the slow seller with the gum. Just make sure whatever you put in there it stays fresh because you get alot of business from the people that work in the bar "bar tenders". And once it gets old or stale you will see your profits drop quick....

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