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T Bird


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I remember when T Bird was known in these parts as T Bird Johnny! ;D

John has been with us for 4 years today. I really can't say anything more about him than we already know. We have all had the pleasure of watching John start, and run his vending business. For a very long time, John was our top poster and to this day, he remains our largest supporter over the last 4 years.

If you are not familiar with T Bird, check out his section here on the forum. If you are familiar, take a moment to remind yourself how far John has come during his time here. Below is a link to his very first post on the board.

T Birds first post

Happy Anniversary John!

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Congrats old friend, I was fortunate to meet the Bird man cant say enuff good things about him I just wish he would leave some locations availabel in N.Y so I could have a chance to place a machine once in a while.LOL

No realy congrats brother. :P

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