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  1. We pay 7.95 and 2.3 % 😎
  2. The coke machine is a royal G3. It's a great machine if it's not owned by coke.
  3. Hey guys. I'm looking at trying to hire a sales person to continue my growth. Does anybody have any pointers on where they found one and how the pay/ commission scale works. Any other info would be great. Thanks! Not looking for a " locator" an actual sales person 🙄
  4. Can't speak for myself but what others here locally have said. Swire Coke just took over the phx bottler which has helped with getting loaned machines. I called them just out of curiousoty and they were super helpful and atcually wanted to work with me and my needs. The previous company that ran the bottler wouldn't even call me back.
  5. Costco business sells them for 1.02 a bottle which I think is nuts.
  6. Hey guys, quick question. (I don't want you to think I'm bashing the blind folks) but I'm curious as to how the that whole program came about and where it started. I see some of the accounts they have and the machines are super old and not stocked very well. With out knowing a whole lot about the program it seems that the effort to help the blind people has put the regular companies at a disadvantage in some situations. Has anyone ever challenged this program?
  7. Seems like a good deal. As Cris said make sure the royal is NOT a Coke asset.
  8. If you were just a driver there is a lot more to it then you may think. If you worked for me and did this I would probably go after you even if I loose money just because of the principal. Get a job as repo man if u wanna steel stuff.
  9. Sun valley also still refuses to use modern equipment and has fallen behind in the AZ market in my opinion. Not to mention I see their box trucks are dinosaurs lol.
  10. This won't work for cold food. We have a inverter and extra batteries to run an actual chest freezer.
  11. Coke strikes again !!
  12. Any Gatorade or propel?
  13. Hey guys, I'm working on getting some Ymca's and was wondering if any one has had any that were worth doing.