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  1. Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph, We're a little bit early with our recap this week with one match up still to be decided. First up was The Blue Mooners whomping on the King which makes it Mooners 2, King 1 for the season. The King still has a couple of his best guys yet to play, but considering the 100+ point deficit there's little possibility he pulls out a victory here. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Kiwi for letting me have T.Y. Hilton who had a monster game for me. Now I'm wondering if I even need A.J. Green. Second up we have Kiwi knocking off the Scrubs with a Girly Man score of 156. I dare him to face anybody good with that kind of effort. And by the way, the 10.5 points that Conner scored qualifies as Dog Squat in my book. Please keep starting him. Third and still going is TD's versus The Bagpipes which is very much up in the air even though TD's has the current lead. If Bagpipes manages to ditch the kilt and put on his Big Boy Britches tonight, he could very well pull off the upset here. Given that his team has not been prone to put up many points lately, he really needs this win as next week he's sure to lose (unless Kiwi plants another turd).
  2. What the hell is polular - sounds like a mackerel uvula to me.
  3. Thank you for dropping Hilton - he should fit very nicely on my roster until Green gets back 😂😂😂 Didn't mention it before but it appears that the King has picked up Kirk (aka POS) Cousins - let's just hope he uses him😂😂😂 Ps. He's going to have to add a TE next week so it would be very helpful to me if everybody grabbed a couple in the meantime,
  4. Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph, With week 10 all but over, I think it's time for our recap now. It was a brutal week for a couple of us and a great week for a couple of others. First up was Kiwi kicking the holy living hell out of TD's whose been treading on thin ice the last few weeks so I think we all saw this coming. TD's team is showing signs of some serious regression as he's averaged less than 150 points over the last 2 weeks - it's a good thing for him he got all those early (cheap) wins as it's payback time now and he's going to need them. I expect Kiwi will be moving into 1st place now which should make it all the nicer when somebody beats him again which I fully intend to do here in a couple of weeks. Second up was the King knocking off the Bagpipes of Futility who put up a pathetic 127 points this week (no wonder he lost to the Scrubs). He'll need to do much better than that in week 11 as half his team goes on vacation in week 12 and there's no way he's winning that one. And last and best (for me) was the Blue Mooners pounding the snot out of the Scrubs. I realize that beating the Scrubs is nothing to crow about but it was nice to at least get a win for the first time in about a month now. Some of you may have noticed that Yoda has been fired as the Force was having little luck against The Evil Empire (which is all of you). Probably serves me right for putting too much trust in a galactic leprechaun. The revitalized Blue Mooners seem to finally be putting up competitive scores now so you all had better watch out cause I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.
  5. That's assuming I get to week 15 - which will be a far jump from here. DJ promised 2,000 yards this year so I figure he still owes us about 1,500 which I'm hoping he'll get in the next 4 games. Note to self: Next year try and get your team established before all the cows leave the barn 😂😂😂
  6. Apparently he's really screwed the pooch now that we know it's a torn ACL. Too bad as it would have been interesting to see what he could do with a decent QB.
  7. Sounds like he just tweaked his ankle a little bit - these guys always are saying this kind of stuff just before they go off for 200 yards and 3 Td's. Seems like almost everybody in the NFL is a big fat liar and I don't trust anything they tell us anymore.
  8. Back by popular demand we have our Thursday night recap. First up was Kiwi's team doing their best impression of a "Brick House" (mighty, mighty, just lettin' it all hang out) KIiwi bet the farm on the Steelrs against TD's and it appears to have paid off with over a hundred points. Good thing too as he only has about half his team left for Sunday's big showdown. Second up was the King putting a real hurt on the Bagpipe via a huge game from CMC. I'm surprised that a running back did so well given the negative game script with the Steelers out to such a huge early lead. And last and most depressing was my team with Greg Olsen failing to even make his projections in what should have been a favorable match up for him. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, with CMC stealing all of his thunder and the negative game script I'm probably lucky he scored what he did. And since I'm only playing the Scrubs, it shouldn't hurt too bad even though I could use all the points I can get at this point.
  9. Yep. I have, can't remember exactly who was involved but it was his usual deal whereby I mortgage my whole team in exchange for a bunch of guys who are now mostly free agents since he really didn't want them in the first place.
  10. An IDP is an individual defensive player that the league is set up to provide scoring for. Never played with one before so I have no idea of their scoring potential but it might put an interesting spin on how we view defenses.
  11. Maybe next year we go with an IDP player to really make things interesting. Either way I think the kicker is toast.
  12. I see you've decided that maybe you do need another QB. Too bad Cousins is on bye this week (from my experience with him, he's been basically on bye every week this season). You're putting a lot faith in the Steelers tonight - if the Panthers pull off their game of the season, you could really be screwed here as half your team is locked into this game.
  13. Yep, I think the new settings are doing great. Dropping the kicker was a good idea and apparently a lot of other leagues are doing it as well. Kickers never score much and having the Super Flex option (which you might consider trying) has made the game more interesting as most of the better QB's are being utilized rather than being left as streaming options. We could have had more Kiwis this season if Mrs. K. had responded to the dozen or so invites I sent you guys. That at least would have eliminated the Scrubs. And by the way, you can run two teams from one computer as Yahoo is set up to accommodate that. The only problems we've to date are people missing their 12:30 Thursday deadline to fill out their rosters which I have fixed a couple of times. I figure some people have not seen that original post since Mage moved us to our own forum out of the Gator Hole.
  14. It's against the rules for the Scrubs to get anybody good which is why they'll never get to use that waiver pick
  15. Yep, I figure if he's got anything left, Drew will get it out of him. I need all the help I can get with the deep hole I've managed to dig here. When I get A.J. Green I should be pretty well set to end strong. This could end up being bad for you though as Drew might end up liking him better than Thomas. You've had all the good luck you deserve with Bell deciding to sit out the whole year - his agent must be a moron as Bell will have to wait another full year to qualify for the free agent status.. I think he has like three days left to come to his senses so he may yet foul you up come playoff time. As for trades, after dumping that POS Cousins I don't have anybody left I'd trade. I really think you should grab Cousins when he clears waivers as you kind of need another QB and it would be nice watching somebody else pulling out their hair over his piss poor numbers - he's got a bad case of coasteritis after scoring that fat contract.
  16. Well, at least we all know how to spell "enthusiasm" now which some might consider a high water mark for this forum.
  17. Yep, Droopi's right. Apartment buildings can do quite well but tend to high vandal accounts. You do much better with traditional munchies style snacks and drink mixers like Coke and 7 up.
  18. I think the King is afraid of a peasant uprising or something - maybe he thinks we've got a guillotine. Either way I know he's lurking out there as he keeps making moves and let's face it, he's had little to crow about this season.
  19. Actually I was hoping you would win since the King is about the only player I have a hoop and a holler of catching for that fourth spot - but not if he keeps putting 200 points a game.
  20. I only realized your high jinks when I was checking the match ups Thursday evening and your team came up one player short - I had checked it at 12:30 and everything was okay so that's when I realized you were up to something. If you had grabbed Fitz, you'd have slaughtered the King but as it stands you made a nice move grabbing that TE.
  21. Week 9 is officially in the books and boy did it suck. First was Kiwi knocking off the King by a mere 4 points. In spite of the fact that he chose to use a WR in his flex spot instead of Ryan Fitzpatrick (who the King wisely picked up) Kiwi still managed to eek out a win with a wise move to grab that TE from the 49ers who had a great win over the hapless Raiders. I think the Raiders should make a move to get Dez Brant which might be interesting watching Dez deal with Chuckie. Second, and most depressing was the bagpipes knocking off my team by less than 1 point. I'm glad those stinking Cowboys lost. Jerry Jones, you've got a crappy team and Dak Prescott will never be the QB that Tony Romo was. All I needed was one more sack and I could have snagged a badly needed victory. I'm blaming this loss on Kirk Cousins. who's been mediocre to just plain bad all season. I knew I should have started Phil Rivers (who I could trust) but for some reason I thought Cousins might actually do something above and beyond the bare minimum which he didn't even manage to do with less than ten points. So I've dropped that POS and I hope that KIwi picks him up as he could really use a PITA about now. Last and most predictably was Td's knocking off the Scrubs. Td's had the worst game of his season but manged to save it for his big match up with the Scrubs - talk about dog luck. Due to a general lack of enthusiasm from our league, this will be my last Recap report. If anybody wants to chime in next, they are free to do so. I will continue to act as Commissioner for the end of the season even though my enthusiasm has pretty much evaporated.
  22. I normally would not be making this post with only two TE's playing but Kiwi has been up to some very interesting shenanigans this evening. First he drops Russel Wilson, his flex Qb for George Kittle at TE. Grabbing Kittle turned out to be a good move considering the fact that he scored 20 points with Shanahan seeming to pull a rabbit out of the hat with that new Qb nobodies' ever heard of. Instead of simply dropping Jordan Reed who he did have at TE, he chose to drop Wilson instead thereby leaving his flex spot open which he now has slotted in Jarvis Landry. He's up to some monkey business here and I wouldn't be too shocked to see Ryan Fitzpatrick in that slot by game time. If I were the king I'd grab Fitzpatrick post haste. Unlike Kittle who had a great game, my opponents TE, Jordan Cook, managed to lay a turd which gives me a slight advantage - about time I got some luck.
  23. Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph, Week 8 is now officially history (and one I'll be happy to forget) First was Td's knocking off the King to maintain his strangle hold on 1st place. The King still has a couple of guys in play but there's little chance of him prevailing in this one.. Second was Kiwi (Barbarian) knocking off the Force (me) and ruining my perfect sweep over him this season. While my team played like chicken crap for the most part, there was some silver lining to the dark cloud. It appears Fitz has refound his one time glory with the new coaching change - too bad I can't say the same for Johnson. I'm getting the feeling here that everybody is planning on sticking me with 200+points a game here so I'm really pissed off at ya'll. We start our final round next week and I plan on venting my frustration off on the Bagpipe who's been a real thorn in my side thus far. And last was The Bagpipes of Futility picking off the Terrible Scrubs and thereby avenging himself for that embarrassing loss the last time they met.
  24. Nope, the first thing they'll need to get will be a posse and then maybe some bling - lots of bling (more than any human could possibly wear all at once). . Then maybe some Tats and some body piercings (just so they'll fit in). And they'll need that big crib to house their posse and all those fancy cars they'll be buying. So I'm afraid there won't be anything left for you so you may as well forget about Pasadena. 😂😂😂
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