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Looking For Crane Identification


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its looks like a 188 import

usually sold from china from coastal amusements

judging by the older dollar bill acceptor it could be made by crown.. but crowns usually have the control board on the front right side

if the control board is in the back, lower left its a 188 import crane from china

188= is they usually named the boardsets and controls after they key number used if you look at the key it will have 188 or whatever series

it is on the key..

change the locks or use padlocks... as with all cranes the keys are shared on most..

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It looks like the challenger c2c sold first,,their first one they where selling before the hot stuff and others...It was s WuMar crane same board as toy soldier from coastal..Is why I'm saying this is the graphics are almost identical with the crabs anime and stuff.. There was a guy in Winnepeg that had a bunch of these for sale as he imported them through canada even though c2c was US exclusive distributor for that design..he sold a bunch on ebay a few years ago and they had a different name heading graphic at top other than challenger,,but the graphic header looked the same,same fonts etc...thats why I'm leaning that way.

if its new then i have no idea??



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mainor , are u buying this or not? i almost bought it friday but i realized you

were probably the guy he said was interested and out of courtesy to my

fellow TVF'er i decided not to get it. let me know if you changed ur mind because

i want to go buy and pick it up if you dont want it.

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