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Your office?


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Just to.try to catch up to the bulkers lol

With those of you with an office post a picture, or your warehouse, or coin and cash counting station.

Heres mine at home, I never use it lol as I suck at keeping track of stuff




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Very Nice!  Can I have your office - mine is too much of a disaster to post any photos.  It sure looks like you don't do any work in it, and where's your computer?

Same here, we also have guardianship of two of our grandkids so I lost my office to one of them and my wife lost her craft room to the other. We got rid of our dining room table so we could have it for office space.


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Of all places to see a gator head! lol!


Nice office TKK, are you sure you do vending? My office looks like a hurricane came here and had fun!






I'm not even going to take a picture of my desk!



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Haha sorry I do have a laptop its just since I never use my office, and I do.use my laptop its always upstairs. Plus its a gaming laptop lol.

All I have in the drawers is bills of sales, manuals, keys, locks, labels, etc. Bunch of court notices lol.

Unfortunately I am not keeping track of expenses. This year will be my first income tax and I know I will get jipped as I throw most of my receipts away.

As for the brandt ofcourse I use it. Counts about 3k of coins a month. I traded it for my magner I had. Its just as fast but way more reliable.

Thats just my office, I have no product there, all my extra product is in my garage with shelves, and my machines. I just built a 10x14 shed that will house any machines I still have im sure atleast 8 fit or so

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LOL Mine is in the kitchen, in the shop, in the truck just about anywhere I can find a clean spot to set the laptop down. If I ever get audited I will make sure there are no chairs and just a fence post for them to set their laptop on. Maybe a litter box and go borrow my friends bull mascots. Put all the receipts in a big box next to the litter box. A few Reese's peanut butter cups with magots ought to make it fast and easy.


Pepsi use to rent water coolers and I had to go inside peoples houses. Sometimes it was horrible. Cockroaches crawling all over. Cockroaches love electronics. They get in there and the only way to get rid of them is set the roach infested piece of equipment outside in the winter. After a few days they will be gone.

I wouldn't touch it.... Set it outside and I will be back in a couple of days. 

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