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Bill Validator / Funny Money compatibility


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I went to cash my paycheck on Friday & they gave me some of the new 100 dollar bills



It made me start thinking about a MEI VN2511 validator I had that said it took 5's but would not accept them whenever I put one in.  It took singles just fine but it made me start thinking about weather government had any plans to make any of the smaller bills in the funny money format similar to these.


Can anyone answer?

  • Do some bills not work in some validators because the validators were made prior the bills came out?
  • Is there anything that can be done to remedy this if so?
  • If you have a validator refurbished does it get upgraded to take new bills?
  • My validator had a sticker that said $5 2008. What exactly does that mean?
  • I am sure there are also things that I am not thinking of so if anyone can think of anything regarding this subject please share.
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I presume you have turned on the $5 switch already - turn it on and off a few times to clean the switch and try again.  If your VN 2511 says it is a Flash Port validator, it can be flashed with new software for the large portrait, colored $5 bill.  If it says Flash Port and is marked for new currency, but won't take the colored $5, then it was originally flashed for the monochrome $5 and needs another flash for the colored $5.  The Flash Port wording can appear on the back by the error LED or on the printed label on the left side of the validator.  Some Flash Ports don't have the wording but will have a red dotted "I" in the MEI logo.  If you don't have the words Flash Port or the red dotted "I", then the "$5 2008" sticker is meaningless on your validator. 


You won't find very many old monochrome large portrait 5's out there anymore, but if you do find one you can see if it will work.  If the "funny money" ever shows up as a $5 bill down the road, you will have to flash it again at that time.

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