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Best product for a bar


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Like most businesses, what sells well can really vary from one location to another.


Nuts is an option, but not a very appealing one giving the high COG, the somewhat short shelf-life, and the mess they make of most machines.


The bars I have do well with Boston Baked Beans and gum (some like GB while others prefer tab gum).

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I don't do too many locations with PMM.

But, there is one bar location that does pretty good with the PMM when I put some in there.

If I was forced to choose between PMM and peanuts, I'd go with PMM.

Of course, in my situation, they are both roughly the same COG...in yours, the peanuts sound like they may be cheaper.

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Well if its a singles bar

vend the valentines mints  that say I love you  your special etc..

second choice would be breath mints...


1 for the ladies

2 for the cops so they don't smell beer on me...


advertised as such..  

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