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Best sellers for November


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1.1" - $.25


Ninja Fighters

CA Gold

Moustache Disguise

Glow Sticks

Small Sticky Hands



1.1" - $.50


Glow Rings

DC Heroes Pencil Top Erasers



2" - $.50


Birthstone Bears

NFL cups

Stretchy Yoyo Balls

DC Heroes Pencil Top Erasers

Punch Balloons



2" - $.75


SpongeBob Yoyo Balls

NFL Football Puzzle Erasers

Bling / Funny Teeth Mix

Skull & Bones Skateboards



2" - $1.00


NFL Helmet Pencil Toppers

DC Heroes String Dolls

Animal Poppers

NFL Dog Tags

Voodoo Career String Dolls



Flat Vend


NFL Logo Stickers

NFL Vintage Stickers

NFL Helmet Stickers

Trendy Nailz Tattoos

Lalaloopsy Stickers



Self Vending


Self Vending Mix

Sponge Bob Foam Balls

Sponge Bob Wacky Rollers

NFL Buildable figures





3G-250-C   ( Large Christmas )

5" Knobby Balls

3G-225-G  ( Large $2.25 Generic )

1G-100-G  (Small $1.10 Generic )





RD-BHAK  ( Best hanging Kit ) 


RD-STK2 ( Stacker Kit )




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Anything NFL has been selling great for me. The NFL helmet stickers have been outselling all of my other flat products combined. Unbelievable, I wouldn't have believed it if you would have told me before I bought them that they would sell this well.

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No, I'm not, but we also don't have an NFL team in our state, either. I ran some NBA stickers last year and had good results with them, too. NFL and NBA just seem to do very well around here for some reason. Keep the NFL and NBA licensed merchandise coming, it does wonders for my revenue!

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