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A Christmas Story -- vending style


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Got to chatting with the owner of one of my commission locations.

Just a toy double. Nothing fancy. Decent money-maker.


We were talking about the holiday season and she asked if I still had my mom.

I thought it was odd, but answered in the positive.


She pulled a box from behind her and she gave me a really attractive winter hat and scarf set for my mother along with a really intricately designed winter beanie for me.

This woman had knitted these herself.


She went on to tell me the following:


She takes the money I give her in commission each service and uses it to buy knitting supplies and material.

With that she knits sets of baby blankets and baby hats.

Once she has 50 of those sets she delivers them to one of several local hospitals in order for them to give to indigent families who have just welcomed a new baby.


But she doesn't stop there.

She also knits men's beanies and sets of  women's hats and scarves until her box is full.

She then takes the box and hands the hats/scarves out to the homeless at local shelters.


She said this Christmas she made extra men's hats and women's hat/scarf sets in order to hand out to workers who delivered to her store this winter (like UPS or Fed-Ex)...and (as it turns out) to me.


Thanks to this kindly woman, I got an early and unexpected Christmas gift...as did my mom.

And I got the extra gift of knowing my commission was going to something really cool because of this woman's big heart.


I've had my equipment in her store for years and only learned about this today.



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