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Goals for 2014


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Well it's that time of year again. Time for each of us to evaluate our business and create a set of goals that we would like to achieve in the coming year. It is also a time to reflect on the goals we set last December for this year.

Here is last years "Goals" thread.


Take a moment to review last years thread and tell us if you've reached those goals, or if you fell short. Also, be sure to include your new goals for 2014 so we can review them next year.

I have a few goals for my newly created business that I will share in a later post.


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My goals for 2014:

Pay off 2013 route purchase (halfway there, and expect payoff to accelerate with 2014 route growth)

Get at least one crane or other electronic machine on my route (that could happen this weekend or soon thereafter)

Get more quality locations that can support 4 way or larger racks

Get some soda can machines and place them

Increase route revenue to maintain at least $1000 net per month

Kick Service Vending out of the locations that are shared with my machines

Implement a better inventory control plan (spreadsheet, shelves and labels in my basement will help)

Eliminate most 2" products from route

Replace 2" machines with flat machines

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Last year's goal: "My goal by the end of this year is to get 8 more soda machines placed (in addition to my current 7) and be sure each machine is making at least $50 in profit per week.... I know that doesn't sound like a lot to most of you, but I live in a small county of only 30,000 residents.... We're also very spread out population wise.... My first goal NEXT year is going to buy a new pickup using nothing but soda machine profit... "


Well, I now at least HAVE the 8 machines I want to put out....  So this year I will get all of them out....  And still working on the truck (probably around the middle of the year)


Also looking for stripes at the REAL job...

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My goals for 2013 was almost met.

I still have one so-so location.

I still have the USI 3053 with no location and a Royal still needing parts to complete it.

I just need to get my but out there and do some foot work to place my last snack machine.


Goals for 2014!


Keep the IRS off my neck! I'm doing very good with the paper work and such.

Maintain what locations I have, and try to find a better location for my so-so location.

Try to keep a good and smiling face at locations when some one asks ( What do you do with all the money you make.)

Maybe get rid of my two hundred thousand mile plus truck, for some thing newer and better mpg.



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My goal for 2014 is to empty out my storage unit and add 50 locations to my route I have up to 50 now, I want to finish the year at a 100 locations,however if I cant get 50 I would settle for 25 good ones

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The goal is to clear 1/5 of debt (5 years goal) ... hopefully starting a vending biz would help this goal (I haven't started yet and reading as much as I can) ...once debt free...I'd like to reward myself a pre-runner truck to celebrate!

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I am new to the vending business. We started just 2 months ago. We purchased a quality route with 21 machines and have since added a so so route with 9 machines. Fortunately we made a profit in our first month doing business. I don't think many small business owners can say that. With that intro my goals for 2014 are:


1) Earn 15% profit in 2014

2) Establish proper inventory tracking

3) Organize delivery trailer to reduce excess inventory and enable FIFO (first in first out) 

4) Decrease route time by 2 hours via efficiency improvements (currently takes 11 hours) 

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