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Tickled balls


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I was troubleshooting a bad monitor on a  ICE power surge game  

a stacker type game


I plugged it in and turned it on,    monitor is dead  LCD.

Game starts and music is playing   just no screen.


So I get out the Allen wrenches and go to work removing the bad monitor


When I feel someone  grope and fondle my crotch and balls..


I turn around and no one is there...:huh:?


Go back to work and  sure enough same thing..   This time l search around the warehouse for the jokester..


Still nobody is there..


SO I lean in again  and sure enough  GROPE... FONDLE ....

I look down in enough time to see that the dial and control panel

Vibrate and the Giant Knob Rotates by itself   Left to right  ..



I've been molested by a power surge..

didn't even kiss me first..







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