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Sugar Free Bulk Products


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I have a few locations that I need to add health food in my bulk candy machines.  Apart from no-salt nuts, I am looking for sugar free items.  The sugar-free gum balls are small (size of a small marble) and very expensive.  I was hoping to find something like Chiclets or Gumballs (regular size for 25 cents). Thanks in advance for any feedback for this request. 

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you could not pay me to get sugar free anything it wont sell...




This is a Lesson to EVERYONE who reads this


I carry 12 flavors of mackinaw island fudge ...


Every week... we get someone asking for something different or make this...


Minimum size batch is 12 lbs of fudge


I got a request for  maple walnut fudge    no walnuts..


Made it..   they came back and bought a $3.00 snack size..


Never came back for any more... now im stuck with 11.5 lbs of fudge I cant sell for shitola..


had to cut it up and use it in sample bags..


ANYTIME you get a special request for something different and you have to invest 25 lbs in a box..  DONT!!!




There is really nothing out there for vending that is sugar free

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Thanks to all who gave input.  Like some have mentioned, I also do not want to vend sugar free products but this one particular location is vital to keep and so I want to add healthy food as well.  I have three Oak machines (on one stand) selling Mile/Ikes, Gumballs, and Skits and they pull in approx $130 per month.(mostly from Mike/Ikes and Gumballs).  The administration at this place has already made the large vending machines change some of their products to more healthy food and I wanted to provide at least a balance of choice in order to keep what I have  already at this location.  They have allowed me to provide more machines with  healthy products of which I now have Almonds (natural), Cashews, and Sugarless gum.  The sugarless gum are very small (size of a marble)  and I only vend two per vend since they are so expensive.  It cost (including shipping) $52 to fill the machine only 3/4 full.  Though I will not be making a lot of money on the health products, it will allow me to keep my 'money makers" at the location.  I was hoping that someone would come up with some reasonable priced sugar free product.  I do not understand why they do not have this in Chicklet tabs that would be sugar free. Again thanks and your feedback has confirmed that there is just nothing out there in regards to sugar free vending.

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