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Bill Validator Showdown!


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As a precaution whenever you are working with mechs or validators, always turn off the power to the door or to the entire machine.  Once you get everything hooked up turn the power back on.  I know I have had to replace so many mechs that were just fried when our tech's forgot to turn off the power.

I always favored Mars and Coinco.  But we tried to have the same types in as many machines as possible so our techs could just go to the truck and grab one to replace quickly.  Then we shipped that one off to be refurbished that same day so we would have it back in our supply. 

Blue Moose

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I think its what you get use to. I prefer Coinco because thats what we have the most of. I think the coincos are easier to clean, maintain and troubleshoot. Mars are good I have several of them. The only way Id have a conlux validator or coin mech is if you gave it to me. If we buy a used machine with a conlux on it we will run it untill it messes up (and it will) and then put a Coinco in it. We are like poplady we keep a couple around to change out with bad ones. I have on occasion taken two bad ones and made a good one. Then your only sending one in to be repaired instead of two.

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#1 coinco

#2 Mars

As Poplady said, turn off the power first, four nuts (ought to be 11/32) and unplug/plug the connectors, turn on power and your done. If you are replacing MDB stuff it's universal connectors between the brands so no problems there. If it predates MDB technology you will need to pay attention to the connectors and possibly get a new harness if changing brands (switching a coinco for a mars for example)

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