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Bevmax 5591 service mode not working

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If the problem is not the display then it could be your harness or logic board.  It's unlikely the harness if your display is working ok but the service button probably uses wires not associated with the display.  What model is your machine and does it have an MDB logic board in it? 


I have the display harness and a replacement board if you need either one.  Just send me a PM.

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Hey guys, I recently purchased a bevmax bottle drop. My service mode does not seem to be working. I recently purchased a brand new display board thinking that May have been the case, however I was wrong.

Any ideas?

Door Switch.

At least that was my problem on the first Bevmax I bought.


I can't recall whether its a normally open or normally closed switch, but when the door is open the switch controls access to the service mode.


Either disconnecting the switch (I think this is the correct option), or shorting the switch out will allow access to the Service mode.

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