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Lektro Vend LVB32 Help


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Guys, i just purchased this snack machine and wondering if anyone has access to a manual or can tell me how to program the pricing and setup. Everything seems to work good, i just need to change some pricing and some of them say "please select another" 

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To change prices on a Lektrovend VS99 series machine, you first press the service mode button. 


  1. When the service mode is first entered the credit display will show any selection numbers that are jammed or not working, otherwise press the button 1 on the front keypad to enter the pricing mode.
  2. Now enter the selection number you wish to change and the display will show the selection and it's current price.
  3. To raise that price press the H key.
  4. To lower that price press the 7 key.
  5. Where ever you leave a selection's price is what will be programmed.
  6. Now enter the next selection you wish to change and use the H and 7 keys to raise or lower the price.
  7. Repeat as needed and when finished you can press J to exit the pricing function or wait for the function to time out.

As for your "make another selection" messages, those could be bad motors, jammed products or a shelf wiring issue.  Further problems could be a harness problem or a logic board problem.  You should perform a test vend of any motor that doesn't seem to work.

  1. Press the service mode button.
  2. Press button 1, then button 8 followed by the selection number you want to test.  That selection will then vend if possible.  If it doesn't run then you need to inspect the shelf wiring, replace the motor, inspect the machine harness or change the logic board, depending on the suspected cause of the problem.

You can also see how many motors the logic board sees by pressing the service mode button then select button 2 and the machine will display the number of working motors it sees.


Just a heads-up, the Lektrovend machines have been out of production for about 20 years and parts can be hard to come by.  It's always best to buy used equipment built by manufacturers that still exist.

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Like AZVendor posted, thats how I program my Lektrovend. Its a old machine but built like a tank. I have never had a problem but I am worried about parts if I need them. I do need so new selection buttons. The ones on the machine are hard to read. Somebody told me that some of the USI buttons would work. Does anybody know about this? If so what model am I loooking for on the USI?

I do like the dual spirals. 

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