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Hey Everyone,

I recently bought my first machine, a Dixie Narco 368, super excited, but it has a coin mechanism problem, as in it doesn't accept any.

What is a replacement coin mechanism cost?

Can the old one be fixed?

Should I upgrade it?

Just trying to figure out what I should do. When I Google it, it doesn't really bring up anything that I think is relevant. 

Where is a good place to buy parts for these machines?

Cant wait to hear from everyone.

Thank You,


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Adam, you can contact me via PM for any parts you might need. The issue with your mech (you didn't give the model number) could be several things from a bad coin mech to a bad motor switch, bad motor, gummed up motor brake, loose harness, bad relay, etc.

The first relevant thing is that the machine will not accept any money unless you have product in one column or you hold down one sold out paddle so that the machine thinks it has something to sell.

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Please be aware a good coin can be disabled by your machine.


1 if there is not enough soda to activate one of the sold out flaps.

2 If any of your vend motors is jammed and is not able to return to its home position.

3 If enough coins have been deposited to make establish credit no more coins will be accepted until that vend cycle is completed.


All I am saying is just because coins are being rejected does no necessary mean the coin mech is bad.




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