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installing main harness on crane 167

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I have a 167 that one selection just won't vend and says make a new selection over and over. I changed trays and still same thing and that tray works fine elsewhere. I ordered and finally received an entire new main harness that I believe hooks to the board and each tray. I've never installed one before. Is this easy? Do I need to remove every tray out of machine to do this. After I change it do I need to reconfigure anything in the settings of the machine. Currently my non working selection doesn't even show up in the settings

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I use mostly AP stuff but do have a couple cranes out there. I noticed that main harness upgrade available for purchase and thought to myself hmmmm I wonder how long I have until that needs done. I too will be listening for the answer to this seemingly pain in the az job.

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There is no need to reprogram anything just from doing a new harness. It's not hard at all to install unless you have fat arms that don't allow easy access to tight quarters.


Do I need to remove every tray or can I unattach current harness connections from trays and board while trays are still in?

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I think is likely your diagnosis is wrong. Before you install the harness perform a factory clear on your board.


Generally this symptom is.


1 Bad harness on shelf.

2 Bad motor on shelf.

3 Ram errors on the logic board

4 Bad solder connections on tray PCB

5 Bad driver PCB.

6 Bad main harness.


Swapping the shelves can eliminate 1 & 2. 


If you must change the main harness it will be faster and easier to remove all the shelves.


I posted the National vendors RAM Clear Procedures to the download section.

I thought it was already there but I could not locate it. It will take some time for approval.





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