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Toy Soldier Crane


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Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can help me - I've just got a Toy Soldier crane, and all works as it should apart from one thing.... in attract mode, sometimes the machine alarms and displays ER on the display, which I assume in error?


It happens when it is not being played, and can happen after a short while, or can go all day without doing it.  Because of this, it is hard to see what is causing it.


I've noticed that if you put your hand by the prize sensor when it is not being played it causes the same error - could there be something wrong with the prize sensor making it think the switch is triggered when it is not?


As you can tell, I dont know much about cranes so any help would be appreciated!


I've also emailed Coastal Amusements, but thought I would post on the forum too.


Many thanks,


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If this only happens in "Attract Mode", change that option on dip switches to off.

On the main board it should be top left 3 pin connector, also you can call coastal and ask for Adam (technician) he is pretty sharp.

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Thanks Jace, I actually thought I fixed it by cleaning the prize sensor as it didnt happen for a while, but then it did happen again the other day.


Might be a stupid question, but which bits of the wiring do you suggest checking?  I could try and check continuity etc with a meter, but checking every wire in the whole machine would take forever!


If there are any parts particulary prone to failiure, let me know and I'll check them tomorrow.

Thanks again, Mark

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