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Signs you think about vending too much


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I figured this forum should have a place for jokes about when you feel obsessed with vending. I'll start with one.

You know you think about vending too much when:

You're playing world of warcraft and can't help but notice an in game store where you want to place a vending machine.

You check the forums before going locating, after locating, while at work, then after you get home from work. >->

You think other people actually want to be part of a conversation about locating.

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You bring a vending machine to the next pot luck dinner.

Your kids bank is a vending machine.

While shopping with your wife you say "Honey, I'm going to check out the competition"

You get gitty when you get 3 quarters back in your change at the store.

You've taken the spare tire out of the trunk so you can have room for a machine "just in case"

You can name the manufacter, model, and capacity of a vending machne at 1000 yards.

You randomly squish things to see if it fits in a 2" capsule

You suggest next thanksgiving to dispense cranberry sauce out a 2" vending machine

When you talk about people you know on Vendiscuss like they are your neighbor.

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You have a Dixie Narco in the garage to charge the boys when they come over

You put a coin mech on the snow blower and tell the neighbor her can borrow it anytime

Your home page is Vendiscuss

If Steve takes down Vendiscuss for updates and you get the shakes

The washer and dryer have been modified to be 'COIN-OP'

Your car keys and vending keys are on the same ring

Your palms get sweaty when A&A send you a promotional email

You start pricing out Medi-KWIKS for the family bathroom

*** I love this thread, I could keep going! 


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OK, OK ...... I got a few more.  Did I mention I like this thread?

Everybody starts looking like HOMIES

You can name all 8 flavors of gumballs in the box

You break down your grocery budget in "cost per vend"

You refuse to accept anything but crisp dollar bills as change, you know them validators are picky

After your shower you spread a fine line of vasoline around your ankle to prevent ants

Your camlock key doesn't have a key# etched in it.  Your name is etched instead.

You can look at a huge pile of quarters and guess the amount within 50 cents....


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For me i knew i was in trouble when all my preaching illustrations were around vending.

When the ushers were collecting the offering I was praying for more quarters.

When i tried to place a vending machine int he foyer of the church to vend coffee and doughnuts.

the day i figured a vending machine for offering would collect more money.

You are stoked beyond belief when the bank put in a coin counter for you.

in the middle of your prayers you are thanking God for the new machine you just bought.

what's a preacher whose addicted to vending to do?

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