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national frozen food help


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Ok..here goes.. a few years ago a vending company/wholesale company locally done away with their vending routes and went strictly wholesale. They have a bunch of junk older snack and soda units.

They do however have one nice piece. They bought a brand new Nation 784 cold food machine. Paid 4800.00 for her when they got it a few years ago. They bought it cause a location wanted ice cream and come to find out after a month and a half the location closed its doors. So off of location it came and its sat in the warehouse since. This unit has been in the warehouse now for Id say 2 to 3 years unplugged sitting there.

I met with the owner today and we plug it in around 2pm. When plugged in the machine came on and the compressor sounded like it came to life. Went back around 6pm to see if it was cooling or not and the compresser through the screen was giving off heat and the inside of the frozen box on bottom was kinda cold but the machine wasnt cold enough or cold enough to freeze items. The display read 68 degreees.

So my question since Im new to frozen food is..is there a temperature programming mode that maybe I can set the temp? Maybe its out of Freon since it sat so long?

Also how does this unit work..put money in..press selection in frozen part and does door open or does it just drop out?

The owner said I can take it to our small town heating/cooling expert and see if he ca diagnose why its not cooling and go from there but Im trying to get ideas..


This unit can probaly be bought cheap...Im saying 1000.00 or less and Id love to have it for a warehouse location but I want it working


Ill supply pictures of machine I got off ebay since my phone was dead I didnt have exact pictures of this unit but it looks brand new..




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Please don't waste your money on this machine.   It was a very poor design and VERY problematic.  The way it vends is that the glass door pushes forward and the spiral runs to dispense the item then the glass retracts.  Pretty dumb design and most of these are in junkyards now.

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