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Value questions


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What is the going rate for used
2 column sticker machines?
3 column sticker machines?
4 column sticker machines ?

I believe they are mostly the advance brand, but I could be wrong, some with stands and some with out.

I have not ventured into stickers yet but not opposed to them.

What also would be a fair price for NW super 60's that mostly have slightly cloudy globes, non-drop thru coin mechs, and bad mylar.

I'm thinking it would cost about $15 to $25 to refurbish each one of these plus who knows how much time and effort.  
My gut tells me to not waste time in the garage fixing them and just get some Oak Vistas refurbished from Oak instead.


Any value in any of the other machines not listed above ?

IMG_2449 (4).JPG








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Not an expert on the sticker machines, but alot of that equipment is older Victor machines. I'd buy the zipper machine, if it were me.

By the time you replace the globe, mech, mylar and repaint, you'd be better off buying new.

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I'm a big fan of NW 60's and just bought and refurbed some, got 3 doubles on stands for $100, had to replace some mylar and paint a few, but well worth the investment, esp since they can be hard to find sometimes...

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I'd buy the Zipper, but I'm a sucker for the oddities of yesteryear. ;)


Going rate on sticker machines, at least where I'm at is smaller = better. If you can fit it on a rack, it tends to command a higher price than the larger standalone machines. My own foray into flats ended here in disaster, so it may be more of a regional thing there. I see larger machines going for between $50-100 and the 2/3 column machines starting around $100.

The rest of the gear there all looks pretty old and hammered. Now, you could bring it all back to it's former glory, but the time and money to get it there isn't worth it in my opinion. Though a Victor 77 will clean up great and last practically forever, they just aren't as nice as newer styled machines.

Whichever direction you wind up going, good luck!

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