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LCM4 combo Help!!


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Hello Everyone,

I recently bought a combo LCM4 for 100$. The machine gets cold and snacks motors are working just fine. The only problem that none of the can motors work. They look good to me but every time I tested, the screens said "Fail". There are 10 can motors and I don't think all 10 of them broke. I hit the service button and it reports 32 motors. I just started vending machines business for only couple months and I love it. I know this website has a lot of professional people who can help me. Any comment would help.


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Make sure the board is set for a can unit. Press the service mode button, then letter 'E', then letter 'D'.  It should say "CAnY" . If it displays "CAn" press D again to change it to Y.

If that checks out, Check the harness connections on the side of the can unit, make sure they are properly seated.

The "duh" factor here is, make sure you have prices set for the can selections.

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