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Wittern combo?


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Hell I'd take it for 600.00! If you can get him to go 500 go for it. I like my Wittern machines, they have all the bells and whistles with the card readers. They text me when the door is opened, they have drop sensors, it notifies me if the power as been off, I can track current sales and know what to bring with me, and they accept debt, credit, google wallet, and Apple Pay. 

This one looks a tad different than mine though, mine has a snack door and drink door. 

You can call Vendnet for the card readers if you don't already have a person to get them through. 

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I don't deal with combo machines either, but for $500-$600, I'd buy it and put it out on route or flip it and make some side $.  I have seen a couple of these, inside and out.  I think they are easily worth $1,000.  Upwards of $2,000-$2,500 to the perfect buyer.  But at $500-$600, given that everything works and there's no funny business going on, that's a steal.  Heck a new changer and validator costs almost that much alone.  Wittern is a good, respectable company so you should be fine when it comes to it being a reliable machine.  

Long story short, I'd grab it.

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