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Funny bad idea business opportunity


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Just imagine the poor guy who paid 3500 $ each for 12 of those machines...

Just thought this was funny.You must have a lot of those stupid biz-op in the States ? Those are such bad and expensive machines.Yeah Sure im gonna pay 1750$ for a machine with a small capacity,pay credit card fees..Anyone else saw recently a vending business opportunity who looks so bad it's funny ?

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36 minutes ago, Southeast Treats said:

Aw, that's such a cute little machine... he should strip out and sell the card readers, rebrand for your favorite local beer, and sell 'em for man caves!  Might get some money back that way!

Yeah...maybe sell them for 300... if he is lucky

Another one :


Bottled water vending machine with a beaver Looney mechanism.What is this ? My brain hurts

It says in french : Protected territory ! Yes your area is favorable ! ( what the f*uck that even means ? )



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