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Possible locations good or bad

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I am looking to get a few machines and i need some help about locations. There is a new senior center being built i am considering this even though it is not yet built i think it will get a lot of traffic. I also have my public library, i need help with that because there is a no food or drink rule and the administrator said the machines being outside the entrance might be "tempting". Is there any way i could sell it as something good to change her mind. All help is greatly appreciated.

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The senior center is iffy.  Go for blue collar accounts, even collision centers.  Tire stores can do $100 a week in warm weather.  Distribution Centers, warehouses, factories. Offices with 100plus staff.  Order business cards from Vista Print.

While you are waiting do Step 2 below.  Make up a flyer

"Free Vending Machines"


No hidden fees

We stock, service and maintain 

at no charge to you.

Give us a call, free proposal

999 999 9999 ask for Joe, jack, Mary whoever



Give your company a name, try using something besides initials

but a name like Snacks to you, City Vending, Pop Guy whatever works for you

Take your flyer to Staples to print up a bunch, go to Sams and buy

a box of chips and some candy bars.   Staple a flyer with your business card

and either a bag of chips or a candy bar.  walk into businesses that interest you then

introduce yourself to the person behind the desk.  Tell them you wanted to drop this off for the manager or the person that handles the vending.  Tell them If they are interested my card is attached.  As you are leaving be sure to say  "We provide drink and snack machines for free"

You will find sometimes before you get to the door, they will ask you questions and sometimes they set up a delivery.


Good Luck






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