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Crane 784 frozen broken


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Have a crane 784 frozen combo on location worked great for year and a half..well couple weeks ago it started raising temperatures where frozen part was hot. I pulled cover off and the line had ice on it solid. I traded machines with location took machine to hvac guy ...he looked at it and the fan wasnt working (had a bad wire connection..) fixed that shot some freon in to her and shes freezing.

Now the issue... the compressor will NOT shut off, I set the temp to -3 also set it to defrost 4 times a day. Since the compressor runs it causes some ice back on the line but when it defrost it takes the ice off. Even tho I set the set point at -3 (we left it at repair shop running to keep an eye on it) it keeps running and the hvac guy says machine shows temp of -17 now and compressor still running. I have a feeling its going to run and run and just keep freezing.

Hvac guy says he thinks its a board? Whats your thoughts?  board? did i miss something in programming? thank you!

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5 hours ago, lacanteen said:

Part number 4644008 TRIAC PCB.  

Where can I find this part? I assume this part is the small board I showed in the picture? I also assume i just unplug wiring off old board..put new one in and hook up wires same place? thanks so much for your help!

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