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Repair - Single Price Dixie Narco

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I have a Dixie Narco 368 110v Single Price soda machine that started having some issues.  I was notified that it started to autovend from the 8th slot immediately when the proper amount of change was given(one guy reported it double vended the 8th slot).  Once the 8th option was sold out it would simply take the money without any response.  I am used to this machine taking the money then making the loud click noise until a selection is made.   Here is what I have tried. 

1) I changed out the coin mech(both coin mechs respond the same)
2) Bypassed the bill validator(same)
2) Replaced the vend relay(same)
3) Attempted to install a replacement motor/motor switch - not exact match(see picture) - Resulted in simply taking money and no response(still gives proper change). 
4) Took the known working motor switch and changed with the motor switch on the original(same take money or auto vend if product)
5)Tested by disconnecting the selection switch for the 8th spot with original parts to be sure not a button jam or something(still will auto vend 8th slot if anything is in it)

I think I have concluded that the motor is weak or bad and that I need to replace with the exact motor, which I don't currently have. 

First off is there anything else I should try/attempt before tracking down the motor?

Assuming it is the motor(I hope the 8th motor), is there a way to bypass the 8th motor and allow the machine to function as a 7 selection machine until I repair?

I have 4 of the "replacement" motors that I tried to add to the machine(same cam, similar model, etc).  Does it make a different or increase compatibility by replacing all 4 with same motor?  Does having 1 different and three the same mess up the machine?

Any assistance or guidance is greatly appreciated.  



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You have a bad cluster switch on that motor that isn't turning power off to the motor when the motor carry switch falls into a notch in the timing cam or you have a bad brake on the motor that isn't stopping the motor soon enough to prevent the timing cam from rotating past the stopping point and starting another vend cycle.  These motors are a dime a dozen so it shouldn't be hard to find locally.  Practically every DN single price uses this motor.  

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I have a DNCB 588R/392-10 that initially did the same vend until the product was out.   I changed everything but the motor.  The only difference I have now is that the motor does not run (I did keep the slot empty and the sold out button is displayed), but no button will dispense product.  The bill validator flashes twice per normal after inserting  and accepting a $ and the coin mech gives change.  If I press down on the switch, the motor moves and then the bill validator is back on line.   I will change out the motor tomorrow, unless anyone has another suggestion.

Thank you.

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