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Keymaster help! Paying out unexpectedly


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Need help, my machine is paying out at random.. anybody have any idea why? I have the credits set and it still pays out.. gave up about 300$ worth of stuff for 70$ past two days.. any help would be appreciated..

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Hi. As mentioned above.... recalibrating the machine is important. Zeroing out the attempt count is good too. Plus have the machine sandwiched between 2 other large machines so it can't be nudged at all. The timing gear pully at the top of the vertical truss should have zero play in it too.

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If it's a legit keymaster that means even if someone knocks the prize off the hook, it won't vend because the door didn't open.  So that's not the issue.  (whereas that is a problem with chinese knock offs sometimes)

Most likely you didn't calibrate the machine after you moved it (even after just rolling it down a long/smooth hallway to a new spot in the same location I recalibrate) or you didn't zero out/clear the machine before AND after calibration.

If it's a "keymaster direct" or other knock off, no idea, those things act up for reasons only God knows.

(you could also have it set to "difficulty" setting instead of "x amount until win" setting.....I only say that because someone with 2 posts might be brand new/their first machine)

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