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Royal 660

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2 hours ago, Magiccity726 said:

I have an issue with a royal 660. Basically, every third time you press the Diet Coke button, Sprite (which is the column next to Diet Coke) drops. Then every third time you press sprite, Diet Coke drops. All other columns are working fine. What can the issue be?

Sounds like you may have several things here.  Firstly, it sounds like you are dealing with a coke asset where selections one and two are tied together (I don't know what to do about that).  It also sounds like your STS may or may not be off.  It could also be a combination of the two.  There is also a potential depth-setting issue but my money is on the STS.

Which column is coke?  Which column is Sprite?  If they are in the first 4 columns from the right (either 4 all in front or two in front and two in back) then there is likely a STS issue.  If they are the left columns then probably something else.

What you need to do is say how many columns are diet Coke and how many columns are Sprite.  Also, make sure depth setting is 1 for bottles or 2 for cans.

Finally,clarify that there are 2 diet Coke for every Sprite always when you press diet Coke and not 2 diet Coke and 2 Sprite... And clarify if you get 2 Sprite and 1 diet Coke when you press Sprite and not 2 and 2.

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