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501_e dixie narco


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Im looking for someone can help me, i just buy a Dixie narco 501-e and work perfectly,  in the display show  cool drink, but when I get home and connected again, don't show nothing. 

I set the price for each drink and that is ok,but now the display is not show nothing a less you press the button, I want to put back cool drink again, 

Can somebody help me  please

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When I buy this machine, have the display showing  ,cold drink.  and drink have different prices, I connected in my place setup the price I want and somehow  the sentence cold drink  disappear 

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Maybe I'm crazy, but all of my Dixie's either show the price (if all are the same) or just a decimal if they have different prices.  The only machine that I know says cold drinks is a royal Merlin.  Is it possible that you looked at a different soda machine and took the one you have instead?

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