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Merchant Media - reinforcing door


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Hi all,

Does anyone know of what there is out there to reinforce a Merchant Media machine door? We've had quite a few breakins on these flimsy machines for the past couple weeks and I'm getting fed up with it.

Crane says they have nothing, VE says they have nothing.

Any ideas?


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I have had a couple hit where they attacked the validator, I don't have a cure for that either.  I had to drop the location.

If it's the product door, you might consider a plexiglass sheet over the normal glass.  Attach to the door frame and overlap where you can.  It can't extend over the service door because of the door offset.

If someone wants in bad enough and the machine is in a location where they have time to attack it, they will get in.  If the location is not secure, the machine won't be secure.

I don't know if an AMS Outsider would be a better choice for a location like that, not sure how much more secure they really are.

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