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Conlux Bill Reader

Jay Carroll

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I bought two used bev max 2145 machines and both where missing some parts. Mostly cosmetic. One came with a conlux bill reader dated from 2010 so current 5 dollar bills shouldn’t be a problem. The problem is I get 5 green flashed indicated “disabled”. Is there something I can do to “able” it. It’s a model NBM 3120

I connected it to a machine that is placed and working well. Not the machines I mentioned above.

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I don't know about the 2145 but the first thing to realize is that machines will often disable devices when the door switch isn't pressed down (when the door is open).  Then, understand that the coin mech could be the problem.  If it can't give change (or a bad sensor makes it think it can't), then you'll have to try a different coin mech.  Finally, the bill acceptor could be the problem too.  If I were you, I'd make sure it had plenty change in it, perform a tube fill if necessary, and replace the coin mech to see if that works.  I would replace the validator regardless.

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Yea. There’s plenty on change. All tubes are almost completely full. And it’s a machine that’s placed and working well. I put the old 1.00 conlux back in and it worked fine. I bought a product myself and it gave me correct change. Oh well. I’ll trade it in. 

Thanks for the reply,

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