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Hello, i have a Vendo 721 Drink machine, I am trying to map the columns, but this Vendo has a strange column format.

I Initially did the column format in the standard Vendo format of:

0002=Diet Coke
0003=Orange Sunkist
0004=Yoo Hoo
0005=Red Bull
0006=Cool Blue
0007=Cool Blue


But when I ran the report this morning the column formats are coming out with


Has anyone seen this before, if so, do you have the column map for the FFFF format ?

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Make 1 vend from each column in order, using a pass card. Then build a report to see those transactions. If you have the ability to see the raw DEX, you don't need this step. Just look at the selection number in the PA1 fields.  The selection number shown is the DEX number being sent by the machine. For example, some USI machines show "A1" to the customer, and the tech to program the price. The DEX number for that selection is actually "01". Mapping is converting DEX selection to whatever makes sense to you. 

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Can they say what #FFFF error indicates exactly?  I'm happy to try my office again.  I would confirm that the firmware in the V721 is as new as possible.   I'm not entirely surprised by the 511 having issues as card readers weren't really a consideration in 1994.

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