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Are barber shops good enough to be anchor locations?


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The owner of 4 barber shops approached me asking me to put in snack/soda machines. They’re “Locker Room” locations (I think it’s franchised locations, but I haven’t had my hair cut in 19 years so I don’t really know lol). 

Problem is, I don’t currently do snack.  Almost all of my income is movie theaters, malls, restaurants, etc. (arcade/redemption/bulk) with some honor boxes sprinkled in. 

Are barber shops good enough locations to start the full line side of my business?  Or are they too slow and it’ll just lead to wasted product and wasted travel time?  (Anyone with ball park guesstimates, feel free to pm if you prefer to not state numbers, any advice is appreciated). 

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I don't have a ton of experience with barber shops but I know they can vary from pretty decent to extremely bad.  It depends on how much traffic they get and demographics, as well as if machines are open to customers.  If customers don't see them, I wouldn't even consider.  Even if they do, I wouod lead toward privately owned busy shops as the only potentially good ones.  On top of that, some may demand commission.  With big chain stores, I think you'd be under scrutiny from corporate.  One thing happens and they want you to remove them all ASAP.  Personally, I'd pass on any barbershop.  The potential is there but the potential to be a terrible idea is also there.

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