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Genesis Office Deli 173 MDB issues


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Hi all, I'm trying to figure out an issue that's come up with this machine. When inserting a bill into the DBV, the motor will continuously spin and the lcd display goes dim. Also all coins are rejected from mech. Tried replacing the DBV but same issue. I'm aware this machine is junk but customer would like to fix. Any thoughts?

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I don't think Genesis makes the coinage.  If your issue is with the coin/dbv, you should share the models or pics of those so they can be identified.  

Generally, when a dbv engages the transport motors but cannot draw the bill in, the belts or drive wheels/pinch rollers are missing or slick and need service.  

If your coin mech is rejecting all coins but still allowing the dbv to try to accept bills, either it needs to be tuned for the coins you're using or a gate is not functioning.  This likely needs service as well.  Do you have replacement coinage to test the machine with to confirm your issues are in the payment systems? 

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4 hours ago, AZVendor said:

Too vague. Something is shorted to ground. A shelf harness or the harness between top and bottom of cabinet. 

In my electronics experience, That was my first thought too.

if genesis was any good, they would supply a halfway decent schematic or voltage pinouts at the power supply. Since their customer support sucks at best.... good luck to ya.

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