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Are there any single price machines that support MDB or can be upgraded to do so?

Grand Nagus

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While I know these machines are somewhat antiquated now, I think they still might have some uses in certain locations.

With that in mind, are there any single price soda machines that support MDB natively or are upgradeable to do so?


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No. By definition single price is an electromechanical machine that runs on relays and switches. MDB requires the use of microcontrollers (computer chips), and as such single price machines are incapable of supporting MDB. 

There are kits that allow a card reader to be installed on a single price machine but there is almost no point, given the price.

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On 1/26/2022 at 8:40 AM, lacanteen said:

There is a solution but it costs more than the machine is worth. $349 + MDB bill, MDB changer, MDB card reader. If you don't want the card reader supported, there is another model for $199 + bill & coin. No telemetry data is supported either. 


Thanks for the link. Yeah, it doesn't look like it would be worth doing unless you could get the soda machine for free.

And definitely not worth paying for the card reader version unless the machine can do multi-vend (I think that's the proper term for allowing multi-selections in one transaction?), and you are able to locate it in a high traffic spot.


Edit: Meh! On second thought, like @tblake05 just mentioned, it's still probably not worth doing given all the good working MDB machines already out there to choose from.

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