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A stupid idea

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OK, I have an old DN 276-6 coke machine.  I got it cheap (while still having a dumb-asd attack).  Anyway, I was using it for my personal use at home and the cooling deck went out (sounds like a bearing). 


The machine looks decent except for needing new buttons and works perfectly except cooling.  I was thinking of using a cooler from a dorm fridge and putting it on location just long enough for it to replace its self.  There is a truck shop near me that it would do well in and I'm sure I can locate there.


Has anyone tried the dorm fridge thing? I am VERY comfortable with tools and modifying things

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Are you saying taking the refrigeration system from a dorm fridge and sticking it in the vendor?

If so, no. Just…no.

The condensor coils in most dorm fridges are foamed into the sheet metal cabinet. Besides that, none of the line sets with be the right shape or length to go into a vendor.

That’s the least of your worries. A typical mini fridge has a golpher little 1/8 hp compressor. For reference the Dixie comes with a 1/3 horse. Even if you chose the slightly less stupid route of just swapping the compressor the wimpy size will mean it will run constantly until the thermal overload shuts it off or it dies. At no point in this compressors short life will temperatures reach acceptably cool unless ambient temps are below 42 degrees. It’s the refrigeration equivalent of putting the motor from a Ford Pinto into a Peterbilt and trying to move 80,000lbs with it.

Plus, a machine that old would have come with R12. Most modern mini fridges are charged with R134a, and new ones have R290 or R600. Those are propane and butane, respectively. If you mess it up stuff goes boom.

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Exactly on the compressor.  Now, in all seriousness.   Does anyone have a button panel they would be willing to part with? And would a more modern cooling deck work in this thing?  I know it's ancient and not worth much, however,  if I can at least break even on it then I wouldn't feel so bad.  I know that DN cooling decks are pretty interchangeable. Just don't know what to look for

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