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Bevmax 3 5800-4 Elevator stops around c4/5 and drops "error"

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I am a teacher at a high school and the club I'm in charge of has a bevmax 3 in the cafeteria we sell milk from. This is a high volume machine that we used to do over 1,000 bottles a week. Due to these vending errors and always messing up we are now lucky if we do 200 bottles a week. We bought the machine new in 2020 and around 2021 started having problems. Most problems were fixed with the replacement of the cup assembly. Now we are experiencing vending errors every 10-20 successful vends and having X and Y axis issues.

We are having problems with the elevator going halfway up the vending machine and then free falling to the bottom making a terrible grinding noise. After falling it will say "homing" then try again and around the C4/5 area always suddenly stops and slowly falls back to the bottom. The next time you put money in it it will go back to the home location, and then go back the the c4/5 area and continue this over and over again until I clear errors. Once I clear errors it will sometimes work for a few good vends but then goes right back to this same cycle again and again. I have to go up and clear errors and/or work on machine at least 3 to 4 times a day now.

I've had a local vending company come look at it multiple times and try something new to fix and gives us bills and leaves and a day or two later messes up again. They will no longer come up and look at the machine. Need some help or suggestions. Thanks for any advice. 

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Replace the picker cup again. I have a high volume bevmax 4 that I have to replace the picker cup every year. 
Every year it does the same thing. It starts with a mis-fire then progresses to the same issues you are having. 
I replaced every single component on my machine only to have it still be the picker cup. Even the tech guys at Vendors Exchange will tell you the same thing for high volume bevmax machines. I could be wrong but if it were mine I’d replace the picker cup again. 

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