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GVC1 vs GVC2 differences?

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Having a wierd issue with a wittern cb600 with a gvc1.  It 'apparently' charges the customers card sometimes twice before it vends.  Or so I'm told.

Not sure if this would be related to the Nayax amit or the GVC1.

Only thing I can think would be that there's an issue with the drop sensor or its sensitivity.  But why just with credit cards?  I'll be on location tonight.  I'll check it out and maybe adjust the drop sensor via the GVC addendum manual from vendnet.

Does anyone know if I can force an updated on my amit reader?

If I find nothing, should I try a new GVC1 or GVC2?



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I’m submitting for more business cards...

trying to get good wording for stickers placed on machines..

“This machine applies a temporary charge of up to 5.00 which is refunded upon selection”.... 

how can I say that only less wordy...

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