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My Nayax card reader stopped working on my vending machine, replaced the card reader and same issue.


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I have a touch screen vending machine located in a shopping mall. Its very new and just put into the mall in December 2021. The card reader was working great for 3 months up until around March last month. The card reader starting showing a blank screen and showing Nayax logo then powering back off again and doing this over and over. Nayax replaced the card reader for me after spending hours of trying to troubleshoot the device remotely. They assumed it was a signal issue with the card reader. The new card reader has great service but it is doing the exact same thing. I contacted my manufacturer for the vending machine I have, got a new MDB board and cords, even a new power cord to the machine thinking the power cord may be the issue. Same issue. When Nayax sent me the new card reader it came with new cords as well (Dex cable, antenna, MDB cord). I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem with the card reader. When I contacted Nayax and let them know the new card reader isn't working they told me to send pics and videos to their support email, that was a week ago and I've had this issue going on for a little over a month. Im obviously losing sales by the day because of this. Does anybody know what could cause the Nayax card reader to constantly show a blank screen ? (The blue card reader light is on and I can see the card reader is always connected on the dashboard but there is no display and no way for my customers to pay since it isn't connected to the machine for some reason) if you took the time to read this then Thank You! I randomly found this forum and I'm desperately seeking any advice or insight for this problem. (pic attached)


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Did you just get a replacement reader or a reader with a new harness? We are currently migrating to Nayax with over 1000 units already deployed, but have not seen this issue. I have seen a lot of bad harnesses out of the box. 

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