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Newb.. needing help identifying my Dixie Narco machine and more...

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post and I guess I should start with I'm new to vending in general and I just got my first machine for a really good price. I am above average with mechanical repairs as well as computer repairs. Vending looks like a mix between the two. lol

The machine is around 1980's to 1990's Dixie Narco, 7 selection, 8 column, 3 can deep, single price machine, columns are

(  2  )  (7) (6) (5) (4) (3)  (  1  )  (  1  ) as looking into the machine.

3 wide columns and 5 narrow.  First two (far right) wide columns are selection 1. The 3ed wide column (far left) is selection 2, and then the narrow ones are selections 3-7.


I have searched for a model number on the machine and come up with nothing, I have searched countless model numbers on the internet to try and compare to my machine and I cant find a exact match.

Can someone help? I kinda think its a dncb 368cc but I haven't been able to verify that.


More info, This machine doesn't cool and didn't vend correctly on 3 selections when I got it. The cooling deck likely has a restriction at the accumulator or the compressor is going out. I decided to order a new cooling deck but to ensure I get the correct one, knowing this model will help! This machine currently has a Dixie Narco 1200 deck, However with some of my research the 1200 deck is for a 2 can deep machine so its maybe too small for my machine? I think it should have a 1203 cooling deck or a 800 cooling deck, but again I don't know and I cant tell the difference between the 1200 or the 800 cooling decks.

The malfunctioning selections were easy to fix with a little research, The brake was not "free" to move on all 3 selections to different degrees of stickiness... I was able to clean them all up where the now work correctly and all selections now vend one can at a time.

There are really only two more problems with the machine,

1. You must push and hold the selection button after you insert the money for the machine to vend.    I have been unable to find information about that online.

2. The coin mech will only sometimes give change back in the event that you insert money and your selection is empty so you just want your money back. It always gives correct change back in the event that you inserted too much coin money but only sometimes if you insert too much paper money.    I also cant find information about that online.


ANY help will be greatly apricated! Thank you all! 







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Thank you Chris for the reply. 

One thing I was wondering, does Dixie Narco use different doors on the same machine? I understand the graphics can be different but all the information I see about a 501t is a little different, 501t has 8 selections and 8 columns where mine is 7 selections and 8 columns. Plus the button setup is different on the 501t.


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Your machine is the 501t   It has only 7 selections because it is a Coke branded machine. Columns 1&2 are linked together. Coke does that with their branded machines

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