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Vendo 480 blowing circuits

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My Vendo 480-10 trips the circuit breaker everytime I plug it in. I have unplugged the lighting ballast wiring harness, as I've been told they can cause this, but still does it. I also thought that that the building electrical could be the culprit but that has been updated and it still does it. I've tried a 15 and a 20 amp dedicated circuit and it still pops immediately. 


I had it running and it worked well. But it was blowing circuits whenever it rained. That's why I thought it was the building electrical. Regardless, now that the building's electrical has been updated, it blows immediately whenever I plug it in.

Any insight would be appreciated.


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On 5/23/2022 at 6:24 AM, Vendo Mike said:

It has to be something on the primary side of the transformer.  Shorted /mis-wired service cord or exposed wiring grounding out, shorted transformer, shorted ballast or compressor.  

Thank you Guys. I had 2 shorts in the wiring. Took some help to find them but it is running well now. 

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