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Crane 167 double vends items/does not cycle correctly

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Try switching shelf with one above or below and see if the problem stays with the shelf or not. If it stays with the shelf you have either a bad harness or bad  motors. If it stays at the same location, you may have a bad tray board or motherboard. You might also try to do a RAM Clear and rest the machine 

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 Do any type of programming before this started happening such as price changes?   Is this a machine you just purchased and you noticed it was doing this?

Have you checked the free vend settings?
This machine also has a function to test the sure vend sensor and can give you diagnostics as well.  1st thing to check is if there are any errors. 

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No programming right before this started happening. Ive had this machine for about a year in a high volume account and haven't had much trouble outside of changing a couple harnesses. This is great advice though, thank you. I'm going to check for errors

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I would partially concur with replacing the tray board, but since you said that money is returned sometimes too (I assume after a product has been successfully been delivered), I would highly recommend performing a RAM clear before replacing any parts, as I don't think a bad tray board would cause money to be returned.  Here are the RAM clear instructions for your machine:

A. Machine must be in stand-by or Ready mode. If not, press “EXIT”
B. While holding “EXIT”, press “UP ARROW”
C. Press “Edit”, Machine should display current software version.
D. Press “DOWN ARROW” until display reads “CLEAR ALL”
E. Press and hold “CODE/CLEAR” key. Display will read “CLEARING”, then “FINISHED”
F. Proceed with down arrow and enter in proper time of day, configuration settings.
G. Be sure to set all “MACH CON”, “PROD CON”, “TIME OF DAY”, and “PRICE” settings to
desired selections.

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If it stays in the same selections even after changing the shelf and the tray board and tray harness, then all that is left is the motor harness and the board.  And my money would be on a pulled wire going from the motor harness to the tray board, although I have never dealt with such an issue personally.

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