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25 weird, wild vending machines

mission vending

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Some of these might be stupid, but the idea of cutting the cost of salesmen and / or inventory costs must be appealing for businesses.  I think it is a good idea to keep an eye on these and invest if possible.


I work for a machine shop and we have a tooling vending machine.  I can imagine (and can see by quick internet searches) that there are similar uses in many markets.  


I've always liked the idea of B2B over business to consumer ideas, so the inventory control vending machines sound awesome.  I just need to build up the capital or find someone / something to give me some capital : )


With a good enough inventory tracking software and a good system, you could automate many many more industries to much greater extent.  


As far as the B2C route, a few grocery stores that I shopped at had a kiosk near the deli meat section where you could pre-order your meats, cheeses, etc then come back to it when you were done shopping.  The food would be ready to go by then.  Keeping the same theme, I can imagine going into a mall and having half of a brick / mortar store automated and the other half manual to answer questions, try on the clothes / whatever.  It would cut the sales force and help create sales that might otherwise be lost. 


I really do think there are opportunities to vending beyond what is already out there, especially when you start helping businesses manage their business.

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